Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Primary Children's Hospital

This place has become almost a home away for home. Well, not quite, but I know a lot of the specialist there and I can find my way through the hospital, without help!

Yesterday I had two appointments, one for Olivia and one for Sabrina. Sabrina had to have a catscan of her sinuses. The ENT doctor thinks she may have under developed sinus due to the premature birth. I don't know what the exact termonolgy he used, but that's what I understood. We will wait for the results and keep everyone updated. As some know Sabrina has been suffering with chronic ear infections (she's had two since the end of August 2008), and goopy eyes, nose, and ears. She squeaks when she talks, other than that she seems to be healthy.

Olivia almost died on us this year. She is continuing her follow-up care with the Otheapediac surgeon. With surgery on a hip joint they have to monitor her growth until she is about four. The good news is that we don't have to go back to see the surgeon for a whole year! She seems to be doing great. I look at her and I am so greatful for the doctors that study modern medicine and for the prayers of all our loved ones for Olivia's quick recovery. It is amazing to see her join other kids in play, knowing that just 8 months ago she could have lost her leg or died.

Where Has All The Time Gone?

I took this quiz my sister had on her blog, and found out I guess I would have been a superior housewife in 1900's or something like that.

Yeah right! I barely have enough time to slap dinner together in today's world....I can only imagine....

For a "real" breakfast...(my kids have cereal and milk...a hot breakfast is instant oatmeal)
milk the cow for milk
churn your own butter
tap the tree for syrup
gather eggs from the chickens
grind your on flour

Okay maybe the didn't have grind flour daily or tap the tree, but you get the point....

I wish that I had more time. Time to enjoy life, kids, and the moment. I feel lately the only time I have is here at work. Everything else is rush, rush, rush. I am hesitant to put my kids in any after school activities, because it's so rushed after school. The kids are screaming their hungry before I even walk in the door, it's 9:00 p.m. and Rosie is trying to get her homework done.

Friday comes and the next day I it's Tuesday....the weekend came and went!

The world is getting too fast for me or maybe I'm getting to slow for it?

Monday, September 29, 2008

It Was Fun, But Glad It's Over!

This weekend I had all six kids, in a short period of time. We crammed too much in that time we had them. I so wanted to go to the petting zoo, however it's hard when you have such a spread of ages. The twins and the boys had a blast, where as the older ones, could have cared less.

Then we had to stop and pick up the food for the reunion. The reunion was nice, and nobody even realized it was the first one Christina attended. Uncle Buck came right up to her at told her she was pretty, asked who she belonged to and mentioned we ought to get together more often so he could have seen her grow up!

I even got to remiss my old volleyball days, although I believe it was a lot easier playing not looking out for two, two year olds running around. I have to say my serve is still great!

Just a quick note....more later.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Blog Happy...

After reading my sister's blog I thought too about the next three months....dreading or excited for? I am totally excited. I have started working on Christmas, December 26th! With kids you almost have to! October 5th I will go visit Santa early to tell him what the kids want for Christmas. (L_A_Y_A_W_A_Y) I love that. Do it this early and it's not horrible, wait until the end of October yuck!

After totally missing Rachel's B-day, I felt so bad.....she's only one, but still I have missed all her b-days.....I made a decision to try and do something small for all my bros, siss', and their kids.....Piper your card's coming, I PROMISE!

Sept-27 Piper (just have to PUT the stamp ON the card after all kids sign)
Oct-10 Abra's B-day ditto
Oct-14 Mine (Rosie wants to through me a surprise party, but seriously just send cash)
Oct-18 Halloween Bash
Oct-31st Halloween
Nov 9 Deklan's Birthday (see Piper)
Nov 21st Thanksgiving (USA) I want to just hide that day
Nov 30th Drew's B-day (my sorta stepchild)
Dec-12th Mom's B-day
Dec-14th Dad's good thing about parents who have close b-day's we can combine!
Sometime a Ward Party
Gautney's Family Party
Layton's Family Party
Steele's Family Party
If everything goes good Johnathan's Family Party
Dec 25- Christmas
Chrissy may stay for the week.
Dec-29th Matthew's B-day
Jan-20th Rosie's
then i can rest till feb.....

This week has been a blast!

The day is ending, and I leave work. I am looking forward to the weekend with my kids and sister, brothers, mum and dad....etc.

This weekend is the Duggar family reunion. It's a chance to show off the kids and catch up old times. My six kids and Josie and Johnathan are going to Gardner Village to see their scary witches and petting zoo and the younger ones to ride the horsies. Again. We will try this again.

I Hope To Be Like Her One Day!

I have a grandma that is an amazing woman. She literally came from the back country (southern Florida). She had grits, eggs and squirrel brains for breakfast. She was the only daughter and had an alcoholic father, who died in a car crash while she was still at home.

She met my Grandpa and fell in love. She was married when she was 18 and has been with him since. Amazing! She raised seven kids and only one of which was a daughter. They all have grown and left the house, well most of them...

She has compassion and care for all of her family. I know without her help, I wouldn't be the mother I am today. She has helped be raise my five kids, and held my hand through my struggles.

My Grandpa is struggling with Parkinson Disease, and I observe the love this women has for her husband. My Grandpa is getting worse. He has dementia, bad. He thinks people are on the roof at two in the morning and can't remember if he's coming or going. I can only imagine the pain of seeing someone who use to set off those fireworks, go through something like this.

I can only hope that I can learn from her the importance of compassion, patience and true love.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ExHubbies and the X-Factor

Okay so my 1st ex-hubby Dave is like one of those magic eight balls. You know the ones that you used to use to make the major life decisions when younger? Okay, I have no clue how the upcoming weekends are going to be, until I call him. Before I call I know not the person on the other end of the phone. It's kind of like a new t.v. know the character but not what they'll do.

Anyway, Rose went to a sleep over last weekend, so I was thinking Dave wouldn't let the boys come down for the family reunion. Surprise! I get the boys this weekend too. I was amazed because this is so out of character for him, oh well we will see how the next weekend episode will be, I hope it's as good as this one :).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kids, They're Too Cute To Stay Mad At!

I made some yummy chicken salad, with apples, grapes, pecans, Parmesan cheese, bacon bits, mayo, mustard, and peas! Okay so I went overboard putting stuff in, but it was good. I added just a touch of salt and pepper. I made up some in tortilla shells and served it to the kids outside. I made an error.

Olivia and Sabrina finished eating, as had I and we went inside. I had to go to the bathroom, leaving the girls unattended for the moment.

I came out to find my cute girls destroying my yummy lunch for tomorrow! They poured all my salt into the chicken salad :(! To make it worse, they were stirring it in so I couldn't just scoop the salt out and save some!

I sent them to time out. They are so cute in time out. Maybe they are just becoming pro's, but these two put their noses on the wall and their hands behind their backs. They did it so well I think they knew I was not happy. Then we had our talk after time out.

Me: "Mommy loves you"
Olivia: "Love you more"
Me: "Are you allowed to climb up and get into the food?"
Olivia: "No" (shaking her head yeas)
Sabrina: "Yes" (shaking her head no)
I think they did that to cover all basis...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Positive Things With The Boys at Dads!

So Rose calls to talk to her Dad and brothers, and asked what they are doing. Matthew and Andrew are very eager to help out their friends! They were asked to watch their friends pet snake, but were afraid to tell their Dad and Mary, because they would have said NO! So they decided to sneak it into the house. Everything seemed to be okay, except the snake escaped. Needless to say the two boys are in a mess of trouble, and still to my knowledge have a snake M.I.A.! I am glad that they can be boys, at their father's times, I miss them too!

Olivia and I this morning were pointing out body parts. She's got the basics down, so I thought we'd start to work on hand, finger, thumb. How confusing is that for a small child? She would point to the thumb and say finger, then I would correct her and say thumb. Then I would grab each of her other fingers individually and say finger, finger, finger, finger. I can't help to think that body parts must be difficult to understand to a two year old. Anywhere you point on your head is a head, but only certain parts of your head to you have hair, eyes, teeth, etc. I mean you have a mouth and a small child points to there teeth and says mouth, we all smile and say very good. Then the same action we try to teach another word, no teeth, yes mouth, but teeth too!

Anyway that was my deepest thought so far this morning. Isn't amazing the knowledge these little ones learn in such a short span?

I am so proud of Christina. She is currently sitting at a 3.9 grade point average, hoping by the end fall semester to bring it up to a 4.0! She is so smart and I know that with hard work she can do anything!

Oh those who care, the decorations for Halloween are up. We still have a few ghosts, bats and pumpkins to stuff with paper and tombstones to put up, but the lights and ghosts and witches are spooking up the yard. As Rosie says we have 3 weeks until the party, where are the invitations?

Monday, September 22, 2008

This weekend could have gone worse...or better....

I left work all excited about surprising the twins with a horsey ride and the trip to the petting zoo. We had borrowed Johnathan's car, and had to go pick him up in Herriman. I loaded everyone out and drove out there. His nephew, Jackson and his daughter, Daisy wanted to come. I kept saying hurray, I want to get there before it closes. (I was thinking it closed at eight) We headed out, only to have to stop and get something for the men to eat. (I was smart and nuked a few corn dogs for the twins) Then we were on our way!

We pulled up to find the petting zoo closed at six! We drove through and saw the scary witches. They are not live ones like I thought, but the are pretty cool. The twins grimaced and Sabrina made her hilarious faces. I so wished my camera was working!

We then went to the West Jordan park. Since Rose wasn't with us we decided to go to just a smaller part of the park so we didn't loose the girls. This park, since the makeover is incredible! The girls played for a little bit, then we took them to the doctors for their coughs.

Surprise, Sabrina had yet another ear infection and Olivia didn't. The doctor said being out in the cold night air was fine for both of them, which is good because we like to go outside a lot.

Saturday I woke up sick, turns out I had a sinus infection. We spent the weekend sleeping and cuddling together. It was nice, but I wished I felt better. (Oh both girls slept through the nights!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Plans for this weekend

For those of you who don't know (I just found out yesterday), there is a petting area and horsey rides at the Gardner Village in West Jordan.

Gardner Village every year for halloween has witches floating around the premises. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Closet

Last night we stayed out in Herriman again, because we had to take Jonathan's car today to get some stuff ready for this GAP insurance thing. GAP insurance is great, because it cover what the insurance car doesn't when you have a loan out on a vehicle, however, they have all these hoops you have to go through to get them to pay out!

So we get the girls (Sabrina and Olivia) to lie down. Sabrina starts to get up... I ask her if she wants to go in the closet... she is asleep in minutes. Do you know how nice it was to go to bed before 11:00 p.m. and have all your girls safe and snug and know that the house will not be destroyed?

So if you think I'm horrible over the closet....I now know that it worked. She still plays in it, but somehow at night, the boogey man or something comes out. Maybe she doesn't like the isolation.

Am I a Horrible Mother?

So we stayed out in Herriman last night. I had to get my van cleaned out so the insurance company can take it away, plus I had to pick up the title to the new used van I am getting.

As we know the twins have not been the best at getting to bed, and the Herriman place is not moved into yet. (Johnathan just is in the processing of moving into a three bedroom apartment so that he can host our family over there in comfort) We have the mattresses in the living room, and have a big sleep over when we go out there. Sabrina would not for the life of me go to sleep. Mind you I wake up at five o'clock or so and I am tired by 8 p.m., 9 p.m. I am exhausted!

10:30 p.m. Miss Sabrina was still fighting Mr. Sandman! We told her if she didn't go to sleep we were going to make her go in the closet. This is a big closet mind you, has a light in it, carpet....etc, plus is the only place that doesn't have stuff for her to get into! I know it sounds evil....

She still wouldn't go to as all of you know I follow through with what I say. One thing after having so many kids you think I would learn to watch what I say! Off we went......she was placed in the closet for a minute or two. After telling her she could come out if she went right to sleep, she was let out. She rushed onto the couch and was asleep in seconds. I on the other hand was awake for a couple hours making sure she really was asleep.

Sabrina has been known to fake sleep. She can do this for a period of time, she is really good at it. A cute habit, but annoying when you think she's really asleep, only to find 2 lbs of bacon in the sink.......

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another long night...

I am beyond exhaustion. I am waking up early to get a ride to work, and coming home a little later then normal. I don't know why this extra 2 hours is killing me sleep wise, but I just can't sleep enough!

To top it off, the twins seem to have an adverse effect, because they keep waking up in the middle of the night. Tonight it was Olivia! I suppose I should really be grateful she was soooo kind to let me sleep, while she found things to amuse herself! The thought though of a two-year old roaming freely throughout the house doesn't seem to bring on the gratefulness. She decided to amuse herself in our bathroom. The floor is soaked, toilet paper is strung through the house, needless to say I somehow woke up when she was in my room, and found a drenched girl with no diaper on. At first I thought it was Sabrina, until I woke up this morning to realize indeed Sabrina had made it through the night in the same spot and Miss Olivia had been the two-year terror!

My keys are still missing.......

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tears and Happiness?

As I read through our family blogs, mainly my two sisters, my eyes well up with tears as I realize how much we each have grown through our lives. Now we our allowed to embark on the journey of motherhood with the wisdom of our mother, grandmothers and in-laws have passed on to us. It saddens me not to be able to spoil my nieces and nephews or physically hold each and everyone of you. I am so ever thankful for today's technology that allows us to be part of each others lives regularly and without breaking pocket books. I hope that our children will be able to enjoy the relationships that we received from our Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bed Time

Okay so you think on the fourth and fifth kids, I'd have this one down.

I am at my wits ends!!!! Specially because I have gone back to work, I need sleep.

Sabrina is the worst one of all! She can out last both Rose and me! Last night I fell asleep, I thought she was asleep, but when I woke up at 4:30 a.m. she was MIA! I checked the couch, armchair, my bed, floor, stepped in icky stuff in the kitchen. She'd been up to mischief! She was asleep on Rosie's floor..... Then I laid back down knowing she was safe.

I woke up 45 min later. All kids sound asleep, however there was 2 lbs of bacon in the kitchen sink! Ugh! I can't wait till this ends. Another year or so....some duct tape, boards and nails ought to do the trick!

Crash up Derby

Okay so this Crash-up-Derby thing has got to be a Utah thing. I never heard of it before coming here, nor could imagine, wait I think I could imagine my friends doing something like this, mainly for anger management therapy.

The point of the game, yes you win a prize if you a labeled the winner, is to come out the top car, meaning you have the most hits, and you lasted the longest in the game. You have about six cars that have the windows torn out and you purposely crash your car into other cars to destroy them.

I have had this done to me more then once this year, and to do it on purpose? I don't get it. However it makes for family entertainment a blast.

Saturday we braved the bleachers again, these were a little better, and watched the derby with all five kids. The twins loved it, more then veggie tales.....

Thanks Johnathan for the tickets!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Not another?

Yesterday I was driving to work and got into a car accident. This one was totally my fault! I didn't even see their car until I was pretty much hitting it. Please, please, I beg of you, NEVER by a grey/silver car. They blend into our surroundings so easily.

Anyway I am car less and having to survive it. Thankfully I have wonderful families and friends that will make it seem not as harsh. Daycare is within walking distance! However, my work is only 25 blocks from my house, but I have to take 3-4 buses to get to it. I was sooo spoiled learning to bus in B.C. Here the buses just plain suck, for lack of a better word.

I'm a little loopy right know but I will blog some more later, keep tuned!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

State Fair

Okay, so now that I'm done with school, got the full time job, I am trying to be super mom. Last night I took the girls to the state fair. The intentions of going last night was to see Veggie Tales. Two things to remember when going to performances with small children:

1. Length of program, small children, specially mine, can only sit for a SHORT (less than 10 min.) time frame.

2. Check the time of seating, and avoid bleachers at all costs!!!!!!!!

We get to the show and without fail we are suppose to sit in the middle of this bleachers. Who ever invented these things definitely did not ever think that a mom with two year old twins would be having to walk up them and try to sit through a performance. Veggie Tales is a musical performance, and my girls love to dance, but bleachers plus dancing do not mix.

After losing a jacket and glow stick through the holes in the bleachers (Rosie retrieved them fairly smoothly), I decided we seen enough of this show and commenced to walk around the fair grounds.

Rosie is a city girl, so am I. However I like to look at farm animals, and be amazed at how large they can be. Rosie wants to go shopping, but since she had little money, I won. She took the twins to "experience" farm life. It's a free exhibit that allows kids to pick corn, plant it, grow a garden, shear sheep, milk cows, etc. Everything is fake, but after a long hard day's work, they give each kid a dollar to buy something at the market. The twins had fun, Rosie not so much.

Then we went on the Ferris wheel. I must look like a nice person. Some lady, take it in mind I had a friend with me, Rosie and the twins, wanted me to take her daughter on rides with us. How retarded is that? "Hey lady I don't know you, but you seem like you have a nice family please take my girl of about three with you on the rides." Not that was what she said exactly, but it was very much implied. I explained to her that I didn't think we could fit her in the basket of the Ferris wheel safely due to our numbers. She huffed away and got some old guy to take her up, I don't think she knew him either.

We got into the basket and the ride started and then as usual we were stuck up top for a bit. I am afraid of heights, but I do okay if I look out, not down. Rosie is fine until she is stopped on Ferris wheels. Olivia loved it. "Hi, Hi, Hi." Sabrina is a character facially! She was cracking us up, but she posed well for pictures. (cell phone pics, my digital is not working)

We then went to go see the pigs, sheep, rabbit and cows. They loved the pigs, sheep and rabbits and of course the petting of them. We got to the cows and I swear the twins have no fear! They separated, and of course at this point I am MILES ahead of my friend and Rosie, so I am pulled to directions! I grab Olivia and turn to see Miss Sabrina wonder into a bulls pen!

Thankfully, my friend whisked out of there without a scratch! We left thinking, we will have to leave the cow thing till next year! My heart is still pounding as I right this.

We decided to end the evening with a pony ride. Rosie must be getting to that age. Nancy, you feel like Rachel is getting to old? Wait till they refuse a pony ride, then you know that they are grown! Olivia, loves horsies. Sabrina, loves whatever she wants to at the time. Olivia saw the horsies and took off by herself through the lines and squeezed her way up to the front. Luckily there were only six kids in front, so we made eight. Lines and two year old's are a hard mix.

Olivia rode her horse by herself! She sat up and didn't need anyone to walk with her. She looked like a real cow folk up there. Sabrina rode well to, but she fussed a lot on the saddle so much I kept thinking she was going to fall off. She is a wiggle worm!

So I learned, avoid long shows, bleachers and cows for a while longer, but horsie rides never fail!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Okay That was Weird

I am trying to start blogging and I set it all up last Friday. I was going to post Monday and my blog is in some weird language I couldn't read anything! So here it goes.

I learned this weekend that just because a church throws a fundraiser, you still need to check out the raffle prize. I went to a catholic church fundraiser, primarily because they were going to have fireworks (Olivia loves them). I bought some raffle tickets because I felt a little guilty showing up without spending anything. We had a picnic supper and the kids games were all free. After having signed my name to the tickets I set them into the drawing bucket.

I glanced over at the prize and I saw a wheel barrel and a scarecrow thingy and thought how cute. Then I walked by and the barrel was full of assorted booze. I was quite astonished. I didn't win either, and I'm okay with that.

Olivia, Sabrina, and RoseMarie enjoyed the playground and fireworks show. They had these huge PVC? pipes that were large enough for a small child to climb in and be rolled around the field. That was Sabrina's favorite activity. Would have been nice to know the first time she did it, so we didn't have to search for 20 minutes looking for her, only to find that she was being rolled around by a group of older kids in this tube. She climbed out with a soapy grin on her face.....mmm......maybe she got into the barrel of booze.

Tonight we are going to the State Fair. I am looking forward to taking the girls to see Veggie Tales Live. I think Rosie will have the most fun. She really is only going because I promised her she could ride one of the outrageously priced fair rides.

Will follow up more, love you all.............

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Fire Works...this was the original post i lost when the language went all screwy.....

I gathered up the twins, Rose and her friend Becky and headed off for the evening festivities. We first had to get gas. Anyone who has had to fill up a Mini-Van from empty and kids in the car, knows that is a task on its own. Sabrina had a ripe diaper, so Rosie took her to change it. After chasing her down in the parking lot....half hour later we were on our way. With little errands here and there it took about two hours to get to the park.

So we arrive, to what I thought was going to be a wholesome family night at a park. This was a fundraiser for another church. I decided to buy some raffle tickets for a donation, since the activities Friday night were free. After having the girls help me right names and numbers on the back of tickets we put them in the drawing.

Kay, I learned something that night.

Always find out what the drawing is before you enter it!!!!

The prize was a barrel of booze....... not at all what I would expect from a church fundraiser!

I didn't win. I kept thinking if I did win having a wheel barrel would be nice.....

Anyway the night went alright, expect for the fact that they had a beer garden.

The playground was fun and the children activities were great. We had these large tubes to play in. Sabrina would crawl in one and allow other children to roll her around the field. It was funny, until one time it took us 20 min to find her! She was playing with Rose, so I was watching Olivia and then Rose asked where Sabrina was....needless to say she was in the tube being rolled around the field.

I wanted to go home before the fireworks, but the kids talked me into staying. We ooohed and aaaahed for a bit.

Grandma Layton had called me to see if I could fix the TV. Grandpa Layton quite often falls asleep with the remote in his hand and messes their tv/satellite set up. We stopped by there to fix it, was something simple.

I am taking this work empowerment course. The key think the instructor tells us is that fear of technology is what keeps us old! I think of my grandparents lives and the amazing things they have gotten to see develop through technology. How overwhelming this day and age is! I am never looking forward to the day where I must have my grandchildren come over to explain a "simple" error I made.

Friday, September 5, 2008

boel family craze

Let's Try This Again!

As we all know I am the greatest at attempts, but something that requires dedication and persistence? Leave that to my sister Nancy. Seriously, have you seen her blog? I feel guilty for not being as dedicated to writing as she is. I remember the life of just one child for a brief almost two years, the baby book was incredible! Let's see how after five kids, job and school..ha,ha,ha. These are just excuses to make me feel better.

Checking in up to date.

I am working for a company called Medax. I have replaced their customer service manager and I am the office guru around. I like the hours, pay is okay, and the people I work for are nice.

Christina is 15. For those of you who don't know she is my step-daughter from a shortly lived marriage, however she has chosen my family as hers. She started 9th grade this year and is loving it. She is currently in like again with Tyrone...but you know the age..... She is excellent at getting here homework done and babysits her foster sister's baby while she is at work.

RoseMarie is 11. She loves to text her friends on her cell phone. She is turning into a great babysitter, when she wants too. She is excited to be going to young women's in Jan. She is the oldest grade in here school and is hoping to be able to attend a charter school in the following year. She is looking forward to going to the movies by herself, with friends! So far she likes school, her friends, but that changes weekly.

Matthew is 9. He likes his new teacher and has a friend in his class. He gets to ride the bus to school with his brother and Rachel (his dad's girlfriend's girl). He loves to play video games and build with legos.

Andrew is 8. He also likes his new teacher and his friends in school. This year has been a rough one for his bones, he spent most the summer in a cast from jumping off the bed and breaking his arm. This was after just getting out of a walking boot for breaking his leg jumping off a trampoline. I think he needs to stop jumping off things!

Olivia is 2. She likes horsies, fireworks and parks. Just drive by some and you'll know. Olivia: "MOM! MOM! MOM! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!" Mom: "I see." Olivia: "Horsie, or park, or pretty (fireworks)." She loves to talk on the phone and she is a cuddler.

Sabrina is 2. She likes movies, music and dressing up. She is a girly girl. Loves her nails painted and wearing make-up. She is very independent and will give the "Bina" glare if you interfere with her Independence.

Well hopefully pictures are to come and you will enjoy seeing the blog go through the construction stages.

We have some exciting things coming up!

Sept 5th FolkFest and Fireworks (for Ollie)

Sept 13th we are all going to the Crash-Up Demolition Derby

Sept 27th Duggar Family reunion

October 11th Harvest festival

October 18th Our Halloween Party.....Uncle Andrew will be missed as the "mad Scientist"

I am putting these events up has a hopeful ploy for me to blog on the aftermaths!

Until next time....