Monday, February 22, 2010

Magnifying Life

Okay. I admit it, I am not perfect. My hair is graying, my hips have widened, i have bags under my eyes. My lips are cracked and I bite my nails. So what?

My house is 89.9% going to be a disaster if you "pop" in unannounced.....i work 2 jobs, i have a life, and i have too many kids the "assist" in the chores. My laundry has mass produced in a way that is unexplainable, my kids don't always get a traditional meal. We watch too much tv and i forget to wash behind the kids ears sometimes......

What you don't know......

Often we're all found snuggling on the big bed watching movies and wrestling. Sometimes i let the girls do my hair, and i go out in public like so. There isn't any cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and my drawers are neat and tidy.....unless the girls messed them up. We dress up in my heels and turn the radio up and sing/dance around the house....i'll cut their sandwich into shapes with cookie cutters....they fix what it's crackers and frosting......once in a while that's good.....we rush and race to see who can clean the most.....we give kisses and even give eskimo kisses and butterfly favorite of all is the beautiful singing that i hear from my girls.......

What would we see if we looked at your life magnified?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Okay more of nightish/dayish moment but still it's been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

I laid down on my sliver of a bed that I sharing with my girls,to get some needed shut eye about 3 am this morning. My daughter rolls over and asks the time...."Leave me alone....I've had a bad night."

Let me take you back to Sunday night.....yes you have my blessing to laugh, scoff and cry along side of me.....

I went over Sunday evening to visit with a friend. I was engaged in conversation and not realizing it shut my keys in my car, making sure I locked the car first.

The lock smith comes, and I realize that I left my ways of payment at my home.....20 minutes my friend graciously lends me the funds and I pay the service.

Monday night.....

I had promised the above mentioned friend I would return the monies Monday night. After getting off my 10 p.m. shift, I ran a couple of errands before heading out to bring the money.
I make a pit stop to get a drink and pay my phone bill. My over excitement of paying bills leads me to locking and shutting the car door, with my keys in the ignition..........

Luckily this time, I am in a setting where friends live and I am able after some time to get a couple to help unlock the car.

However somewhere in the mixed my cellphone disappears....vanishes into the night.

Giving up the search somewhat defeated and deflated, I head home.

Think it over right? LOL!

I get pulled over, my headlight is out. The officer was pretty cool, didn't give me a fix it ticket, just warned me to get it fixed, and sent me on my way.

I get home and go to crawl into my bed feeling like the walking dead...........only to try and scoop up one of my girls to make some room for me and she had soaked the bed.

Too tired to deal with waking all of the girls up, I round the other side of the bed and slip into the tiny sliver not being used....thanking grandma silently for plastic sheet over the mattress.

This morning...........

Rolling out of bed late this morning and one of the twins fighting daycare, I decide screw it. I'll go to work late and get a phone. On the way into the office to tell my bosses, (remember I lost my celphone, including numbers) Olivia throws the seat-belt at Sabrina's head. Sabrina has a cut and goose egg. Then a few minutes later she vomits. I keep her home not knowing the purpose behind the vomit.

All day the girls have run me ragged. I did allow them to destroy the bedroom while I took a hour or so nap.

And tonight I am attempting to do it business taxes...............

I hope it turns out better.

Monday, February 15, 2010


This is an acronym that has been running through my head.

F**k (sensored for those who may be offended)



I use to act solely on the first version of this acronym. Lately my head taunts me with old behaviors of running, instead of facing. I like to escape confrontation. I really despise it and try to avoid it at all costs. Today I am walking through FEAR and I am surviving thus far.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I wish my problems were solved with pink heart cakes!

Olivia this afternoon, became quite upset when asked to get in the car. She took off running, then decided to come back, because I was obviously teed-off. I put her in the car-seat and she commenced into tears.

Poor girl, but I had no clue what was wrong.

I produced pink heart cakes....she wouldn't look.....

Sabrina grabbed hers and ate it up. (She is the candy/sugar freak)

Olivia finally looked up. I handed her the heart. She took it and smiled and exclaimed her love of pink heart cakes. Alas all has been forgotten. I wish pink heart cakes could solve my problems.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have no clue

I forgot to blog a couple of days.....I really don't know what to say here.

Working two jobs, I don't have time for much.

Oh if you live in UT and you want to save $$$ on utilities let me know.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monthly Resolutions

February's monthly resolutions:

File Taxes
Clean out car
Get a working computer

Just so it's out there......oh and work my butt off, take care of kids, and complete every minuscule task the state requests......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily or Quad-weekly posting

I told myself: Self you are going to write everyday on your blog that you work at the library. So I am.

I started out today nervous and apprehensive about a meeting with state peoples, parents and what had you. The seemed as if "everyone" wanted these big changes that I am not capable of comprehending right now. Perhaps down the road I can look at some of them, but not now.

The reality is....I have two very active little ones who are incredibly smart, a little too smart for their britches. For some reason I don't have the authoritive voice box or actions that kids take seriously. I'm glad....I don't want my kids to fear me.

The recommendation is therapy for the little ones....and myself. This could help, but it'll take time and I think we know all are on the same page.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes you gotta rest on you laurels

I just have to breathe today.....

Then everything works out. The kids awake....the hours pass by.....I just breathe.

I know that life will pan out and I will be okay.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I want to yell and scream and cry and stamp my feet. I want this just to be over. It's not. It's not going away quickly either. I get to continue everyday working my butt off for????? I don't get to enjoy my life. I am looking over what I do to find my mistakes before neighbors, media or the state does.

I am having a hard time not freaking out on my babies and blaming them for this horrible domino affect. I remain loving and compassionate....meanwhile I want to explode at them and blame them.

I feel guilt, shame, embarrassment, tired, anger, sadness, my head is swirling and I am not quite sure how to let it all out. What is proper, what will work? I even have to be careful what I write, for fear they wrong person will read it and POOF! they're gone again.

I promise I will not intentionally harm my children.....if I ever felt like I would I would call someone.

Then I think the random calls I've made the last couple of months.....what were they?

How can I work, if I never know when I will cry?

I really don't know what to do......I am going to apply for a full admin job at my work. I hope I get it....maybe

it's been a long time.....

If you read this....I'm sorry....I am using this as a venting way to track feelings and emotions of what I am going through.

To catch you up to date click on this:

It'll bring you back to where I am.......sort of............this is just a start. I think it'll be healthy to write it out, but it won't be very pretty....right now anyway.

I want to smile and nod and pretend everything is okay, but I can't as of yet.