Monday, October 19, 2009

Mousey Morning

So this morning I discovered two things:

A. We have a mouse problem

B. I am a little more frightened of mice, then I thought

I got into work this morning, printed something off my printer. I noticed there was something a little yellow on the paper. That's weird, I thought, so I pulled out the printer paper drawer only to discover, we have mice, and they had left evidence there. I pulled the drawer completely out, threw out the pooped and peed on paper, and continued on about my day.

An hour later I was trying to print something. The printer had an error on it saying paper jam. I opened the tray....screamed.....jumped out of my office and skin....

The paper had started to lift, so the mouse couldn't run out when I opened the drawer.....

Needless to boss caught rid of it and I have several mouse traps in my office and in the break room.

Anyone want to open the office for me tomorrow?