Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Memory of Jenna's Exotic Taste....

Growing up, although we lived far away from my "Hancock" cousins, I like to think that we were fairly close. Jenna always seemed to be the up to date cousin, after all she was from California.

The year I am thinking about we went to a family reunion held at Clear Lake. The lake was so clear, you couldn't see it. My sister Abra tells this part better in her rendition of this story.

My version is similar but differs slightly. I remember we watched as they pulled out this huge chunk of meat. I am not very found of meat, and this was HUGE! I was pretty naive at age thirteen and not aware that you could even purchase meat the size of what I had seen. We asked them what it was, and we were told Buffalo meat.

Having seen Buffalo herds, I believed the elders and decided that I wasn't going to eat meat that night. My cousin Jenna, who was about twelve bragged about her "exotic tastes" and she was going to eat it.

(We found out later that it was a side of beef that we had seen. I personally wonder if our elders know what an impact their taunting had on a couple of young teens & preteens....)


Kristina P. said...

Too weird! Although, I have had Buffalo, and it is delicious.

Nancy said...

I have had buffalo, too. I am so exotic it scares me. ;P

Myrna said...

Michelle posted on Abra's blog that all she can remember from that reunion are the mosquitos. Remember going to launch water balloons over the "lake" and getting eaten alive ourselves--never mind what we ate! We were the eaten!

Nancy said...

That's basically all I remember, too. And that I told Loni that she wasn't my cousin because she looked different. I still feel bad about that.