Monday, February 23, 2009

My boys bonded!

I pick up the boys from their father's house on Friday, explaining that I need to stop by and pick up Jonathan at his work. The boys complain, saying that's not fun, and how long of a drive it is.

We pull up to a practically deserted warehouse out in Linden. We enter a huge shop and I take them to the tool room, where Jonathan had just finished putting together a joystick to a scissor lift. The boy's eyes become huge as the stare out to the scissor lift in the shop.

Andrew timidly asks if he can climb on the machine. Much to his surprise, Jonathan says, "Yes!" Andrew starts asking 20 questions. Next thing we know Jonathan tells Andrew to turn the key. The engine sputters a little and runs. Jonathan cues Andrew on how to move the fork high, out, and then back down! Matthew is a little shyer, so he didn't want a turn. Jonathan, then let the boys stand on the prongs and gave them a little ride. He then took them for a ride in the huge truck he drives. I don't know for sure if HE knows, but he now has two little boys that are in complete awe of him.

He then offered them a job in the summer sweeping up the shop at five bucks an hour! That's a lot of dough for a little kid! They are so excited. I am so lucky to have found a husband that is so dear to my children.


Kristina P. said...

How fun for them!

Nancy said...

That's wonderful :)

Abra said...

how fun! And I'm glad the girls are doing better.

Myrna said...


::Jan:: said...

That is truly wonderful.

MOMster said...

Yay for bonding moments like this! I'm so glad the boys are starting to feel more comfortable with Jonathan. That's so great!!