Friday, February 27, 2009

I've been Busy...

I feel like a heel, I haven't posted, haven't read blogs....ever have one of those weeks?

Tuesday I received a phone call from a lady who is in the HR department for a Federal agency. She asked if I could expand my resume and customize it for a certain job. This is a really awesome opportunity, and it has consumed a lot of my time. Now I am just waiting. I hope I hear something soon, but life will still go on. It's weird waiting to see if something will impact your life, or not.

I am reminded of the big prediction of this major earthquake in Vancouver. I mean there were kids who actually stayed home from school that day. We were curious and anxious, and then nothing happened, in fact they're still waiting for the big one to come.

So just like that day, I am waiting and anticipating, but I still get dress and show up to the job I have.


Kristina P. said...

I have actually noticed your absence!!

I hope the job works out!

MOMster said...

I have also noticed your absence. I hope thing work out for you! Keep us updated!