Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Okay more of nightish/dayish moment but still it's been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

I laid down on my sliver of a bed that I sharing with my girls,to get some needed shut eye about 3 am this morning. My daughter rolls over and asks the time...."Leave me alone....I've had a bad night."

Let me take you back to Sunday night.....yes you have my blessing to laugh, scoff and cry along side of me.....

I went over Sunday evening to visit with a friend. I was engaged in conversation and not realizing it shut my keys in my car, making sure I locked the car first.

The lock smith comes, and I realize that I left my ways of payment at my home.....20 minutes my friend graciously lends me the funds and I pay the service.

Monday night.....

I had promised the above mentioned friend I would return the monies Monday night. After getting off my 10 p.m. shift, I ran a couple of errands before heading out to bring the money.
I make a pit stop to get a drink and pay my phone bill. My over excitement of paying bills leads me to locking and shutting the car door, with my keys in the ignition..........

Luckily this time, I am in a setting where friends live and I am able after some time to get a couple to help unlock the car.

However somewhere in the mixed my cellphone disappears....vanishes into the night.

Giving up the search somewhat defeated and deflated, I head home.

Think it over right? LOL!

I get pulled over, my headlight is out. The officer was pretty cool, didn't give me a fix it ticket, just warned me to get it fixed, and sent me on my way.

I get home and go to crawl into my bed feeling like the walking dead...........only to try and scoop up one of my girls to make some room for me and she had soaked the bed.

Too tired to deal with waking all of the girls up, I round the other side of the bed and slip into the tiny sliver not being used....thanking grandma silently for plastic sheet over the mattress.

This morning...........

Rolling out of bed late this morning and one of the twins fighting daycare, I decide screw it. I'll go to work late and get a phone. On the way into the office to tell my bosses, (remember I lost my celphone, including numbers) Olivia throws the seat-belt at Sabrina's head. Sabrina has a cut and goose egg. Then a few minutes later she vomits. I keep her home not knowing the purpose behind the vomit.

All day the girls have run me ragged. I did allow them to destroy the bedroom while I took a hour or so nap.

And tonight I am attempting to do it business taxes...............

I hope it turns out better.