Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily or Quad-weekly posting

I told myself: Self you are going to write everyday on your blog that you work at the library. So I am.

I started out today nervous and apprehensive about a meeting with state peoples, parents and what had you. The seemed as if "everyone" wanted these big changes that I am not capable of comprehending right now. Perhaps down the road I can look at some of them, but not now.

The reality is....I have two very active little ones who are incredibly smart, a little too smart for their britches. For some reason I don't have the authoritive voice box or actions that kids take seriously. I'm glad....I don't want my kids to fear me.

The recommendation is therapy for the little ones....and myself. This could help, but it'll take time and I think we know all are on the same page.


Arrika said...

Keep writing, keep trying... we are here for you (the tale of thing one and thing two has me in tears a little right now yet.) It WILL get easier. Just one day at a time. Give my fave niece a huge hug and tell her I say shes doing a great job being big sis, and that that gets easier too.