Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Venture of 2011

The twins and I pile into our beater of a car and head out on the road. We have two hours of hang time, just us alone....

I am exhausted and it's cold, so I want to go do something indoors. What can we do?

I see PetSmart and decide to take them. Have you ever visited a pet store through the eyes of a four year old? Its just as good as the zoo!

We looked at all sorts of fish, watched a hermit crab molt, checked out empty cages that contained a variety of decorations. We made faces at the dogs being groomed. We chased the dogs infront of us in the large window that looked into the doggy daycamp. We laughed as we saw a lizard poop on the window. Our mouths opened with awe as we tried to count how many birds were hiding in the birdy box. (There were over 9!) Then we went to PetCo and saw turtles and a chameleon and more turtles. We climbed in dog houses and cat houses and laughed at dogs peeing in a store. We wanted to taste doggy treats because they looked just like cookies. We saw big crickets and baby crickets and begged no to have the cage opened. Such a wonderful wonderful place to look at animals. We thought hamsters and mice were cute and stinky and clad that we just have Zhu Zhus at home.


Myrna said...

Sounds like a fun field trip! Yay for indoor fun on a cold day!

MOMster said...

What a fun adventure! I might just have to take my three Maucklets there when it's too cold and miserable outside. Thanks for the great idea!

RebelRanger2009 said...

2 years later... Time has flown by.